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Light Poles Australia

The design and manufacture of light poles is a specialised field that requires expert design and engineering.

Consequently light poles are not cheap to purchase. We recommend clubs avoid the temptation to purchase a cheaper product in order to save a few thousand dollars, as quite often the cheap lighting poles are not strong enough to support the expensive flood lighting.

Buying your poles form a reliable light pole supplier is important. This can not only be a safety issue but can also mean problems with the mounting of lighting fittings correctly. All poles need to be rated according to wind conditions, weight to be carried on the poles and numerous other technical requirements. If the design is not conducted according to Australian standards, the pole becomes a huge safety risk and will void insurance policies.

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We can do it all from Sport lighting poles to Architectural Lighting

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions has completed projects from the Corbould Park Horse Racing Track and Stables to lighting for the Gold Coast Council Sports Fields.

We can help you from Design right the way through to Installation, Commissioning and future Maintenance!

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Australia Sports Lighting Solutions only use reputable light pole suppliers and lighting pole manufacturers and we have a list of preferred suppliers that have consistently delivered outstanding results to their previous projects.

Once the lighting designer has completed the design we are able to order the relevant lighting pole suitable to your application. It is also essential to consider future requirements for the poles.

You may only wish to light up the field to 100 lux now but if you do not design to future requirements, the poles and foundations will not be able to be upgraded later. It is better to buy larger initially for future requirements and add lights later than to buy smaller poles initially and then have to replace the poles and footings later.

We can provide you advice on all aspects of lighting poles to help you decide the best way forward.

We provide the following services:

  • Soil Testing
  • Foundation Installation
  • Pole Delivery & Off loading
  • Pole Assembly
  • Pole Erection
  • Pole Commissioning (for poles with integral access, i.e. mid-hinged, hydraulic and climbing poles)

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