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Green Lighting

Energy Efficient Sports Lighting

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions is proud to offer a service to improve the energy efficiency of sports lighting and other external flood lighting installations.

In the past spill lighting and night glow resulted in about 25 percent of the total light generated by the luminaires (fixtures) landing on the playing surface.

The rest went into the sky or fell on adjacent property as wasted "spill light" and light pollution. To compensate for the wasted light, additional luminaires were necessary to achieve the desired light levels for play.


With the latest computer design programmes, the sophisticated modelling of lighting design allows for energy efficient designs with far less wasted light and more light where you want it. This saves substantial energy costs over the life of the system and in addition reduces the up front costs through reduced infrastructure, a win all round for the customer. It has the added benefits of producing more even lighting on the playing area (better uniformity), bringing the sports lighting system into line with the new Australian Standards and Guidelines and being a good community citizen and neighbour.

New modern fittings with improved lamps and reflectors also go a long way in reducing energy usage.

We also design the lighting systems so that the control systems allow for security lighting, training lighting and competition lighting levels all at the flick of a switch. In this way and through staged switch ons energy wastage is minimised. You can control the lighting required for different situations. Metering systems and automation can be added to control and measure energy expenditure if required.

Contact our lighting designers now to organise a lighting lux audit and review of your infrastructure to see if we can help you reduce energy usage.