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Community Funding and Current Sports Grants

To assist community groups and sporting clubs there are several community funding and sporting grants available.

Below is a summary of the funding:

Gambling Community Benefit Fund- Queensland

The fund is aimed at providing support through funding to community groups across Queensland. The fund was originally established by the Queensland Government in 1994.  It is one way that the Government returns its taxes made on gambling activities to the community.
One off grants of up to $35 000 are allocated quarterly.

Solar sport and community group grants- Queensland

Through the Gambling Community benefit fund, there are available Solar sport and Community Group Grants.
Eligible clubs and organisations can submit applications for both a solar sport and community group grant and a separate GCBF grant per funding round.

Brisbane City Council- Community Facility Flood Recovery Grant

Brisbane City Council's Community Facility Flood Recovery Grant is available to non profit organisations that had damage occur in the recent January 2011 flooding. Funding of up to $150 000 for facilities that need repairs or $20 000 for fields, turfs and oval repairs

$650k Disaster Assistance Package- Queensland

For flood and cyclone affected communities a special concessional loan of up to $650,000 is now available.
The additional funding has been announced by the State and Federal Governments.

Clubs should note that this assistance is in addition to the concessional loan/grant of up to $105,000 that they can currently access for immediate recovery.

A summary of the grant below:

Grant assistance up to $25,000

(Primary producers, small business and charities/non-profit organisations)

Special Disaster Assistance

Initial claim: up to $5,000 to assist with recovery.

Subsequent claim: up to $20,000 to reimburse costs paid to repair direct damage

Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Loans of up to $105,000 (including a grant of up to $5,000) are available.

Exceptional loan and grant package up to $650,000 (primary producers, businesses and charities/non-profit organisations)

Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Loans of up to $650,000 (including a grant of up to $50,000) to assist with carry-on requirements, as well as repairs to buildings and restocking of damaged stock

Sporting Grants through NSW Sport and Recreation Participation Program

The main focus of the program is to increase regular and on-going participation opportunities throughout NSW. Grant from $500 - $10 000 are available. To register go to New South Wales Sporting and recreational website.

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions can assist with all your Funding and Grant Applications. Please contact us for more information.