Saturday the 21st February 2009 saw the spectacular opening race meeting under lights for the Sunshine Coast Turf Club's Corbould Park Racecourse. It is one of the country's finest thoroughbred racing and training facilities. It is located less than an hour north of Brisbane and just minutes from the Sunshine Coast's gorgeous City of Caloundra.

The facility consists of an outer grass track, and since April 2008, an inner synthetic cushion track; the first of its kind in Australia. The grass track is 1967 metres long and 20 - 25 metres wide with 5 starting chutes while the cushion track is 1760 metres long and 18 metres wide.

Designed over a three month period and then constructed over a six month period the project included;

  1. Illumination of both tracks with the largest single floodlighting installation ever completed in Australia. The lighting scheme meets the necessary brightness, colour rendition and uniformity required for international television coverage, safety and other considerations of riders, horses, spectators, officials and stewarding as well as photo finish requirements.
  2. Strict glare control measures were implemented (AS 4282 compliance) to limit discomfort glare for riders, stewards, patrons and surrounding residents as well as traffic on the adjoining Caloundra Road.
  3. The requirement for complex lighting controls using multiple scenarios was incorporated as well as energy efficiency considerations. This allows for training lighting, power failure, and different track configurations.
  4. Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of 40 unique floodlighting towers and footings. The largest tower is 40m tall and supports 48x Philips ArenaVision fittings.
  5. Provision of adequate and safe electrical supply system incorporating on-site power generation.
  6. Upgrading of car park lights, viewing area lights, switchboards, and other existing infrastructure

The project was completed within an extremely tight time frame during Queensland's wet season and without interruption to the racing calendar and to the full satisfaction of Queensland Racing.

Pierlite Australia is proud to have received an Award of Commendation from the IES: The Lighting Society QLD Lighting Design Awards 2009 for the Corbould Park Race Course Floodlighting project.

In addition to the race track, Australian Sports Lighting Solutions recently completed:

  • a new Maintenance Area including a new wastewater recycling plant, Screw Auger waste loading bin, dry storage shed, storage bins and new jump out barrier shed. The state of the art complex has its own water recycling plant that reuses the water to feed all the wash-down areas for the horses and irrigates the lawns within the stables area.
  • 3 relocatable buildings. These buildings were disconnected at Deagon Racecourse and transported to Corbould Park Racecourse to provide more office space for Sunshine Coast Racing Staff. This included new underground reticulation to the 3 buildings and the supply of a new 200amp circuit.
  • Corbould Park Stables. The project includes eight blocks of stables consisting of a total of 256 horse modules. A feature of the stables is fluorescent lighting with timed light switches so that the complex meets today's energy-efficient lighting requirements. Australian Sports Lighting Solutions has also provided all the new car park lighting, street lighting and walkway lighting consisting of 35 poles. Each block has 32 horse modules, two horse wash-down bays, one electric horse walker and one sand roll for the horses. The complex has secure electronic gates and security monitoring systems for the security and safety of the horses.

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