Australian Sports Lighting Solutions upgraded the old Metal Halide lights and wooden poles at Noosa Dolphins to a new LED lighting solution. This consisted of the installation of new poles and new LED Sylvania Raptor lights at the grounds.

The facility consists of a full-size rugby league field as well as a second full size field at the back of the grounds.

Designed and then constructed over a three-month period the project included for the football field:

  • Allowance for new underground reticulation and cabling.
  • Design of the poles and foundations to take the new LED lights.
  • The design of the lighting levels to ensure compliance to AS2560 training and club competition levels including minimal spill lighting for the residents opposite the grounds.
  • Organization of the delivery of all equipment to the site.
  • Supply and installation of the lighting control system to ensure different modes of lighting were supplied.
  • Organization of the delivery of all equipment to the sports grounds, while still being able to meet the clients required delivery date.
  • The aiming of all light fixtures we conducted during daylight and minor adjustments were completed during the night. This ensure best lighting levels for the club.

The project was completed on time and within budget to the client to ensure the start of the season could commence without disruption.

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Project Name
Noosa Dolphins Rugby Club

Noosa Dolphins Rugby Club

Lighting Type
Design and Construct

Lighting Area
Rugby League

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