Government Funding and Grants for Sporting Clubs

Has your club thought about upgrading an outdated lighting system or installing a new system?

Then a Sports Grant could be for you! We have the team on board to assist with your questions. They have been working with sport and recreation groups since 2006 to prepare strategic planning documents and develop projects from concept to completion with the assistance of external funding.

They have worked with many successful clubs in Queensland to secure funding to upgrade their lighting and facilities. With a solid record of success that proves our approach works.

It can work for your organisation as well. Not only can better lighting offer better facilities to your members but it can also help improve your return on your investment.Now that's good news for spectators and participants.


What is the Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Program about?

The Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Program provides contributions towards the development or construction of infrastructure for participation in structured and unstructured sport or recreation.

Can I apply for a sports grant?

Organisations that may be eligible to apply for a sports grant are:

  • a not-for-profit sport or recreation organisation
  • councils
  • a not-for-profit Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation
  • an incorporated university sports club
  • a Queensland State school
  • a catholic school
  • an independent school
  • a not-for-profit incorporated organisation

Give us a call to find out more information on Sports Grants.

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