Lighting Installation to Sporting Grounds across Australia

We carry out our lighting installation with a minimum disturbance to the club and its players.

Before Australia Sports Lighting Solutions start the installation of the new equipment there is some ground work that needs to be done to ensure everything goes to plan.

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Soil Testing

Also known as a “Site Classification” is carried out at each pole location to estimate the expected soil movement – and hence foundation movement – due to extreme moisture changes that occur at different times of the year.

The ground that supports a pole is called a foundation, and the concrete structure that transfers the load to this foundation is the footing system. We have a soil test carried out so that the foundations can be correctly designed by an engineer.


In the same way that a house is built, Footings are the first part of a pole installation process, and they stop your poles moving out of its intended position!

All footing design needs to be designed and approved by an engineer. There are a number of factors which will determine the type of foundations you will need and therefore a soil test (Geo technical report) needs to be carried out first at each pole location.

Geo technical advice is money well spent, as it ensures your foundations will not be under designed (and fail), or over designed (and cost more than they should have).

Once our foundations are in place they are signed off on by a structural engineer and we move to the next phase of installation.


Once the foundations are in place the poles are delivered and with the help of crane they are taken off the truck and placed near the actual erection site. All of our lighting team are trained electricians and carry the appropriate safety equipment.

The combination of planning and experience from our team, will mean the supply, delivery and installation phase of your project will be successful.

We work in with your clubs requirements to ensure that all the work is carried out with minimal disturbance to the clubs operational activities.

We also regularly update the board or nominated person in charge as to work carried out so everyone is updated and informed of the projects progress.  Some of our tasks include:

  • Service detection,
  • Traffic management,
  • Pot holing to expose services prior to drilling,
  • Drilling,
  • Foundation installation- Concrete, In-ground mounted & Screw anchors,
  • Pole erection,
  • Connection of accessories,
  • Electrical connection or pre wired from the access door to electrical equipment on the pole,
  • Clean up.

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