Sports Lighting Maintenance

FACT: If your lighting is not maintained it will result in the loss of lighting.

The lighting equipment and lamps needs to be regularly maintained to ensure they are working correctly and are delivering sufficient lighting, when you need it most.

Need to organise sporting lighting maintenance?

To ensure your players and spectators can continually enjoy your new lighting and prevent the waste of light we recommend:

  • Make a provision in your budget to allow for on going maintenance when planning an installation;
  • Schedule regular checkups of your equipment i.e cleaning schedule;
  • Replace worn out lamps promptly.

When we install a new lighting system for your club we will provide along with the manufacturers guidelines for cleaning; assistance and handy tips on maintaining your equipment to ensure its optimum performance. We also provide maintenance programs so your equipment is kept in good working order.

If you need lighting maintenance carried out to an existing lighting facility we can assist. Give us a call we are only too happy to provide a solution.

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