Survey Report of your Sports Lighting Requirements

In order for us to provide you the best possible lighting solution we firstly need to understand what types of activities will take place in the playing area before the planning can begin.

We will need to define the needs for your lighting.  A few questions to consider:

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  • Type of usage - specialist grounds or multipurpose?
  • Players needs - social, training or competition?
  • Level of players - junior, recreational or club?
  • Budget Limits - have they been set?
  • Long term goals - Is the grounds completed or will it be staged?
  • Method of control - manual, automatic or computers?
  • Nature of Game - illuminance levels, uniformity , glare control.

Next we will carry out a full survey report to evaluate the lighting requirements for the grounds. We are then able to provide recommendations for new or upgraded floodlighting. Our report will outline a few of the follow items:

  • Average expected illuminance,
  • Guideline for initial setup and running costs,
  • Maintenance costs,
  • Lighting Layout,
  • Recommend suitable lamps, poles and controls.

All of the suggested recommendations will comply with the Australian Sports Lighting Standard Guidelines and relevant codes.

When considering a new lighting project it is important to get expert advice.  That's why our team of lighting designers, lighting consultants and our supply and installation team are all experts in their field.  With over 40 years in delivering quality lighting projects you can be sure Australian Sports Lighting Solutions can be trusted to deliver results for your next lighting project.

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