Car park Lighting

There are various guidelines for car park lighting which have been developed to provide not only well lit parking areas, but also to ensure a safe and secure environment is provided for users. Whether you carpark is open, enclosed, single or multi storey, we can provide a solution that will provide the correct illumination to comply with Australian Standards.

Find out what's possible with parking lot lights

Having bright parking lot lighting not only helps in the safety of vehicles using them but also provides a less frightening environment for the public when leaving or returning to parked cars. The increase of CCTV (closed circuit television) also requires good lighting if it is to be effective. Good parking lot lighting plays a dual role in reducing people’s fear and also reducing actual crime.

We offer a complete service from design, installation, repairs and maintenance. We can recommend a complete car park lighting design that will provide well lit parking areas, entrances, exits, ramps, safer stairways, corridors & walkways. We can provide reliable easy to use timers and partial switching options to suit your specific needs.

We will only recommend suitable fittings that will be energy efficient , easily maintained and strong enough to withstand the harsh environment often encountered in car parks.

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