Cricket Ground Lighting

Is your sporting club needing attention to its cricket field lighting?

It is important to have good quality cricket field lighting so that players can follow the movement of the ball when it is travelling at high speeds.

When it comes to cricket ground lighting design it is important that not only the bowler but the batsman are not in direct view of the light source. When considering a new or upgrade to cricket field flood lighting it is important to balance the grounds main purpose for lighting against the initial expense, ongoing energy efficiency and ongoing maintenance programs/costs and the implications for the management and supervision of the facility.

Find out what's possible with Cricket Flood Lighting

A few key elements to consider with your cricket field lighting planning:

  • What are the planning matters that should be considered?
  • What is the budget?
  • Are there any sports grants available?
  • What are the relevant lighting design standards for training and competition?
  • What types of poles and lights?
  • What are the operating and maintenance issues to consider?
  • What budget is in place for this?
  • What layout design is best?
  • Where to get help?

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions have offered “turnkey” cricket field flood lighting and outdoor lighting solutions for 40 years. No matter what the sport or level of competition, our cricket ground lighting design team draw on engineers, utilising the latest software, and will design the most cost effective and efficient lighting for your needs.

We are able to draw together the expertise of lighting engineers, structural engineers and electrical engineers to design build and maintain cricket ground lighting solutions. We use professionals so that Australian cricket lighting standards can be applied and any other relevant guidelines.

An overview of Australian Cricket Lighting Standards*:

  • non-televised training ─ 250 lux
  • non-televised match ─ 500 to 700 lux
  • televised match ─ 1400 lux

*source: Government WA sport and recreation

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