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We offer LED lighting solutions on all applications for new installs and changeovers. Our LED installations are tailored to your needs and ensure maximum efficiency and performance. LED lights are a complete solution for sports lighting, floodlighting, recreation lighting, and many other applications.

LED lighting offers multiple benefits including increased energy efficiency, long lifespan, reliability, instant full brightness and precision aiming with minimised glare.

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Benefits of LED lights

Further benefits of using LED lighting includes:

  • Maximum light output with immediate response on switch-on and switch-off. No warm up or cool down period,
  • Up to 60% energy saving,
  • Glare-free light without sacrificing light quality,
  • Long lasting, durable and low maintenance,
  • Enhanced player performance and fan experience through precision aiming,
  • Dimming and lighting level adjustment capabilities with wireless control available,
  • Retrofit onto existing infrastructure,
  • LED direction beams and precision optics,
  • Less light pollution.

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