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Energy efficient sports lighting solutions

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions offers top quality, durable LED lighting systems on all applications for new installs, energy efficient upgrades, and changeovers. Our LED light installations are tailored to your specific needs and ensure maximum efficiency, and long lasting effective performance. We provide a complete LED light solution for sports lighting, floodlighting, car parks, recreation lighting, outdoor architectural use, and many other applications.

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions offers completely customised LED lighting applications for facilities large and small. Get started on your LED lighting project today.


Benefits of using LED lights

LED lighting offers multiple benefits for use in outdoor lighting applications including increased energy efficiency, long lifespan, reliability, instant full brightness, and precision aiming with minimised glare.

Further benefits of LED lighting include:

  • They offer maximum light output with immediate response on switch-on and switch-off. Removing the
  • need for a warm up or cool down period.
  • LEDs offer up to 60% energy savings.
  • Glare-free light without sacrificing light quality can be achieved.
  • LEDs are long lasting, durable and low maintenance.
  • They provide enhanced player performance and fan experience through precision aiming and precise illumination.
  • Dimming and lighting level adjustment capabilities with wireless control available.
  • Energy efficient upgrades can be retrofitted onto the existing lighting infrastructure.
  • LED bulbs allow for direction beams and precision optics.
  • Reduced light pollution to surrounding areas.
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LED Tennis Court Lights

Tennis courts need to be well-lit in order to provide a safe playing environment at night for players of all skill levels. Many tennis courts are lit using outdated technology, such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights. These types of lights can be very expensive to operate and maintain, and often produce an unpleasant glare that can interfere with play.

LED tennis court lighting is the perfect solution for your court. LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting systems, and they produce a much softer light that does not cause glare.

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions can upgrade existing tennis court lights to LED or install a complete LED tennis court lighting solutions.

LED Stadium Lighting

Making the switch to LED stadium lighting can seem like a huge investment, but it's important to remember that the cost of LED lights will pay for themselves in the long run. Not only do they use less energy, but they also last longer than traditional stadium lights.

We understand that making such a big decision can be difficult, which is why we're here to help. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right light fixtures to installing them properly. We'll make sure that your new LED stadium lighting is up and running in effectively.

Custom LED lighting for outdoor applications

Our lighting team takes a range of factors into consideration when designing your lighting system to ensure it provides a safe, functional environment for the specific requirements of your facility.

We can provide LED lighting systems for a range of applications such as:

Top quality LED Light Brands

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions use LED lights from proven, leading outdoor lighting brands such as:

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Your local LED lighting project specialists

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions has an experienced team of lighting engineers, structural specialists, and electrical engineers who manage and carry out outdoor lighting projects throughout the country.

If your sporting facility, commercial property, or business is looking for a LED lighting installation or upgrade specialist contact our team at 1300 937 132 or complete our LED lighting quote request form today.

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