Port Lighting

Ports and marine facilities can be exposed to all types of weather conditions.

Correct lighting for port facilities and boat harbours plays a critical role in fulfilling safety requirements . Careful evaluation of your lighting is required to ensure compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements. Are you providing adequate lighting throughout your facility for all users? Are you reliably providing adequate lighting to your working areas and high traffic zones, your carparking areas, entrance gate , office building, perimeter fence, gate entrances and ramp lighting?

Find out what's possible at your marine facility!

Good lighting is not only about safety, it can also be used to feature your facilities and to highlight your company signage, providing cost effective advertising. If you have recently made any changes to your facilities, we can review your current lighting to ensure all areas are safe and working effectively.

All of our lighting projects meet Australian Standards. It may also be cost efffective to look at some of the new energy efficient lighting options now available.

We can provide "turn-key" solutions for all port lighting, boat harbours and general marine facilities. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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