Property Poles

Property Poles Installation and Maintenance

A property pole is the pole within your property's boundary that supports the overhead powerlines to your home or other buildings on your property. These poles are installed to connect mains electrical power from the street to the building requiring power. Many property owners are required to install property poles before the electrical company can provide power.


The poles are usually made of timber, concrete or steel and are owned by the property owner. We can recommend a suitable pole for your requirements. We also offer a complete service including site assessment, supply, installation and on going maintenance.
Over time, poles can deteriorate through decay, termite damage or rust. Faulty poles can potentially injure people or damage surrounding property.

The maintenance and repair of property poles are the responsibility of the home or property owner. It is important that property owners use a licensed electrical contractor to install, regularly check and maintain property poles. It is recommended that poles be regularly inspected by a licensed electrical contractor at least every five years.

Fallen powerlines can kill. Don’t risk not having your poles incorrectly installed and maintained. Contact us to check your property and recommend the best solution for you.

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