Why you need quality sports lighting?

Sports lighting isn’t just for large stadiums and professional sporting venues. It is required in thousands of local recreation facilities throughout our community.

Good lighting provides opportunities to maximise income by allowing greater programming flexibility and optimum use of the facility.

But it is more than just floodlighting — it is about creating safe and enjoyable facilities for competitors and spectators and suitability for filming and televised coverage of sporting events when required.

Find out what's possible for your clubs sports lighting

Dark spots and unacceptable glare can be avoided through good design.

The quality of the lighting installation is one of the main factors that determine the quality of a venue. When it comes to media and television coverage of the grounds, many factors need to be considered to ensure high-quality images are portrayed.

Local planning permission is usually required for external sports lighting. In some cases floodlighting is considered inappropriate by the local government due to proximity to housing. For these reasons early consultation with an experienced and qualified installation company is essential.

Sports lighting in multi-use sporting grounds

Many sporting venues now support multiple sports and recreational activities. Partial switching of the light installation can ensure you meet the specific requirements for the sporting activity taking place and also cater for additional activities such as training, maintenance and cleaning. Running costs are reduced but more importantly, the lighting quality is better for each type of sport or activity taking place at any particular time. Many clubs are using their grounds outside of sporting activities for concerts, fetes and other themed events.

Better sports lighting means happier players and supporters which mean greater success to your club. Care and consideration need to be factored into the lighting design. Using an experienced sports lighting professional can save you making costly mistakes.

LED lighting solutions

We offer LED lighting solutions on all applications for new installs and changeovers. Our LED installations are tailored to your needs and ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

We have experienced and trained electricians that are able to carry out Sports Lighting work to your club. Have a browse through our previous projects and give us a call or email to see how we can assist.

Our previous applications to sports lighting include:

  • Athletics track lighting
  • Baseball field lights
  • Car racing tracks
  • Cricket field lighting
  • Golf flood lights
  • Greyhound track lighting
  • Horse racing
  • Stadium lighting
  • Trotting track lighting
  • Tennis court lights

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