Tennis court lights Australia

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions can offer a range of solutions for both indoor and outdoor tennis lighting applications. It is important to correctly assess the tennis court layout, identify exactly what type of tennis lighting is required and then effectively implement a lighting design that will provide the right amount of light on the court.

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions Lighting is committed to providing sporting clubs and individuals with incomparable support in lighting design, programming and field support.

Find out what's possible for tennis court lights Australia

We can offer a range of Tennis court lighting solutions:

  • Energy efficient,
  • Reduce glare for players,
  • Reduce lighting spillage,
  • Reduce sky glow,
  • Solutions with timers
  • Look visually appealing
  • Provide sufficient lighting for amateur or professional courts
  • Allow for television coverage

All of our lighting design is carried out by a team of professionals. We only use quality materials from trusted suppliers for our tennis lighting applications. A few of these suppliers are Pierlite , SLA and Thorne Lighting .

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions have been supplying quality turnkey tennis court lighting solutions across Australia for over 30 years. If you would like more information please contact us .

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